Website Design

Once your fundamental website design is finished, how would you feel if you couldn't update a phone number, post news bulletins, or create new pages by yourself?

The Computer Doctor creates powerful, dynamic websites that you can add, change and tweak to your heart's content. Don't pay someone else $100 an hour to do your edits—if you can use a word processor, you can safely edit your website from any web browser, and have a great looking site too!


Need Meditation A meditation teacher needed an easy-to-update website that was mobile-friendly, and allowed him to send emails easily to meditators.
ESL Jigsaws An ESL teacher needed a site to promote and sell her books and CD's, where she could add content without having to be reliant on a relative to make the correct changes.
Lesley's Lair A local jewelery artist needed a showcase for her creations that she could grow with.
CanWest Cabinetry A local cabinet maker needed to know how to get a website up and live as fast as possible using their webhost's website building service. They made their site in an hour with the right tutoring!