About The Doctor

Ⅿⅰⅽhaeⅼ has been tinkering, repairing, and programming computers since he was 10 years old. He has accumulated a vast knowledge base of best practices, treasure troves of free and open software (that Microsoft surely does not want you to know about), and a deep, intuitive grasp of all things that go beep.

While others may only want their computer to "just work", The Doctor enjoys every aspect of computerdom; he relishes making computers run faster, more efficiently, and more economically than thought possible. 

What Makes Michael Different

1978 - Ⅿⅰⅽhaeⅼ (white) initiated into the rarified world of computers with his brother (orange) at the keyboard of a PDP-8 "minicomputer" hulking in the rear. These were before monitors: the computer printed out its response on a slow teletype and stored its data on spools of white punch tape.

Perhaps differently from others, he also understands the importance of clearly and patiently educating others on how to best use their computer so that they feel more confident and secure.

The Computer Doctor's goal is to get you productive quickly, save you money immediately, and empower you rather than making you reliant upon him.